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Snapchat is the popular and widely used photo-sharing application that youngsters mostly love and like. However, the Snapchat application has been updated and many new features have been integrated for impressive performance. From new tools for producing snap masterpieces to convenient shortcuts and more, most of the features of Snapchat are hidden which you need to unveil to enjoy its benefits. Below you will come across with some of the ins and outs of navigating the hidden features of Snapchat and how it can help you change your snap into a masterpiece.

Activating the Features from Settings!

Before unveiling the features, you are required to ensure that you are using the updated version of Snapchat app. If you already have the up-to-date version of Snapchat Apk you need to go to the setting icon on the right top corner of the screen and tap on “Manage” and then “Additional Services”. In this section, you need to enable the bonus features like front-facing flash, filters, special text and reply. You can also choose a variety of friends that you want to be displayed on the “Send To” screen of the application.

Using Special Text

It is a great experience to type the captions on top of your snaps. But when you want to exaggerate your snap with larger emoji and text, then you may make use of the special text feature which is the best alternative to caption style which comes handy in such situation. You need to tap on the “T” icon that is next to the pencil icon on the top right corner of the snap draft and the characters that you will type is now magnified.

Drawing with Secret Colors

It is really a great experience to doodle with your snap and this is one of the best features of this popular photo sharing application. You might be aware of the fact that simply by sliding the rainbow colour bar you can pick the colour of your choice. But, what you don’t know here is that you no longer required restricting yourself for the colour palette on the rainbow slider. You can use all the secret colours and draw whatever you want in the snap to create a new design and style.

Adding Fun Filters

The latest update in the Snapchat app is that it allows you to add Instagram-Like Filters, arts and other data labels on your snap that you have created. You are required to swipe the fingertips left or right to see the available filters. Some of the filters that you will find in the application include geo-location, temperature, time, speed and black & white, saturated and sepia filters.

Front Facing Flash

Another great update in the Snapchat app is the front facing flash which is like a boon for the people that love to take selfies. You are no longer required to worry about the dark conditions while taking pictures as you can activate the front facing flash feature in the application to capture brighter photos with the app camera.

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